the space, the ambience

the space, the ambience

3000 m2 in total

4 areas

a 600 m2 garden

interior spaces
gres art 671, interior spaces
gres art 671 lo spazio interno
gres art 671, interior spaces
gres art 671, inner spaces
gres art 671, inner spaces
gres art 671 stands in a post-industrial area, where the building that was later renamed 'ex-Gres' once stood. Dating back to the mid-twentieth century, the architectural features of the building are typical of the industrial plants of the time. Today, however, it showcases a unique quality: it has withstood the destruction of Bergamo's historical industrial heritage following its urban development. A process that, in building for the future, has often swept away its past.

To enhance its historical imprint and industrial value, the architectural potential of the building was investigated before initiating the transformation process that eventually gave a new life and destination to the space. Through measures, such as modifying the façade and creating a garden, gres art 671 has embraced a contemporary dimension, yet honouring its original character.

The entrance was given a new lease of life by demolishing a building previously functional to production activities - now unnecessary for this new cultural space-open to the community and intended for exhibitions and events of various kinds. The result is a large square - an open, vibrant and inclusive space - that guides you through two pavilions, located in an area divided in turn into two large bays: one aimed at hospitality and free time, and the second for exhibition projects. These are flanked by a large garden with free access.

If the starting point of gres art 671 was a former industrial building, its end point is instead a public place of social and cultural relations, whose identity is gradually shaped by those who experiment it and by the cultural activities that come to life here.

useful information

gres art 671 is temporarily closed for renovations.
we will reopen soon.

galleria 671

A new place livened up by creative energy, a multifunctional space. This is where the exhibitions and events are brought to life. A stimulating, interactive and quality cultural programme, designed to engage a curious public.

gres art 671, detail of the terrazza

This area focuses on education: workshops, panels, debates and moments to share and create a vibrant and aware community.

the garden of gres art 671

The 600 m2 public garden is an open square, where vegetation and architecture meet and dialogue. A totally new space but perfectly integrated with the surrounding building, as if it had always been part of it.

the 'gres café' bar
gres cafè

Unique atmosphere, comfortable ambience: here taste and creativity meet. gres cafè is the place to sit back, relax and get inspired by the hospitality of gres art 671.